• Maria Lourdes Machado Center for Reseach on Higher Education Policies – Foudation of Protuguese Universities
  • James Stover Taylor University do Aveiro (Portugal
  • Minoo Farhangmehr. University of Minho (Portugal



This study examined the status of planning within the various types of higher education institutions in Portugal. Higher education in Portugal is a binary system with university and non- university sectors. The university sector integrates public and private universities and the Catholic university. The nonuniversity sector integrates public polytechnic institutes and other establishments, the latter being private institutions. A survey methodology was used to measure perceptions from rectors and presidents within the entire system. Results suggest that institutional planning in Portuguese higher education is in its beginning phases, but there is a desire to expand that participation. While public institutions appear to be most active in attempting to establish such a process, many are doing less than strategic planning. The authors report details of the findings and make recommendations for advancing strategic planning within the system of Portuguese higher education.


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Machado, M. L., Stover Taylor, J., & Farhangmehr., M. (2004). THE PERCEIVED STATUS OF STRATEGIC PLANNING IN PORTUGUESE HIGHEREDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. Revista Diálogo Educacional, 4(11), 167–182.