Cultures of childhood in the work of early childhood education teachers

Márcia Regina Canhoto de Lima, José Milton de Lima


This article shows results of a search on the cultures of childhood wich was developed at an institution of Early Childhood Education. It aimed mainly to investigate how the four axes of children cultures works: interactivity, playfulness, fantasy of real and reiteration. The methodology is qualitative, and it was characterized as action research. As for the results achieved, we highlight, the methodology itself that required the participation of individuals from the partner institution, the university team performance in the context investigated and the pursuit of the transformation of reality. These requirements increased the demands of commitment, mutual respect, team work and tolerance among social actors in different institutions. The situation’s study, discussion and intervention led to clashes between concepts and showed different looks for the child and for educational practice. We also emphasize the influences on pedagogical work, because it was found that the educators have expanded and updated their views, especially with regard to education for childhood and the importance of playful activities as an axis of the cultures of childhood. At diagnosis, we found that they charged too severe behavior that turned into obstacles to the peculiar activities of children. The expansion of the topic’s understanding made the teachers to relate the four axes of childhood cultures together and realize the need of their role as mediators and responsible for conditions that ensure the participation of children as protagonists, and the right to an education that respects the childhood specificities.

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