Policies related to access to higher education and work: academic education in question

Maria Lourdes Gisi, Gisele do Rocio Cordeiro, Angela Sugamosto Westphal


The aim of this study is to investigate the policies related to access to higher education and work, and more specifically the relation between these policies and the requirements of the current society in terms of the education process. Such requirements are considered in a context strongly related to economic development, in the attempt to align the education process to market requirements only. Developing an academic education program committed to the acquisition of knowledge, which contributes to preparing for work and the emancipation of the human being, is a current challenge. Thus, research was conducted, using a focus group of 20 professors who work in higher education. From the testimonies, it was possible to identify four categories: characteristics of the labor market, professional requirements, characteristics of academic formation, and academic formation requirements. The data make evident the need to contemplate a contextualized and interdisciplinary education process to contribute to overcoming educational inequalities and to allow young people to access work.


Educational politics. Higher education. Formation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7213/1981-416X.17.054.DS08


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