The law of the land: intangible ad tangible rights in Aboriginal Australia


  • Ana Elisa Monteiro Penteado Macquarie University, Sydney-Austrália



terra nullius. CBD. Article 8 (j).Aboriginal rights. Land rights.


This article deals with the Convention on Biological Diversity, article 8 (j) in connection tothe national and local legislation to be enacted prior to article 8 (j) enforcement. It showsthat for legal protection of Indigenous Peoples’s intangible rights, land rights are to be resolvedby government and organisms devoted to land right claimed by Aboriginal Peoples.The experience of Australia through its recent colonization, decolonization and reviewof social values presented by Rudd Administration secured Indigenous Peoples rights. In conclusion, this article proposes a multi-action from historical, political, legal and jurisprudentialsources for article 8 (j) to be operative. 


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