Effect of pompage on pain, disability and craniocervical position of female teachers - randomized clinical trial



Introduction: Education professionals are one of the most important occupational groups and represents one of the main parts of the economy of modern society. The vocal demands most mentioned by the teachers are talking while standing up, talking a lot and in a closed environment, which corresponds to the most frequent situations encountered in teaching. In addition, remaining in the standing position for a prolonged period may have repercussions on other systems and generate postural deviations, pain and reduced functionality. Objective: To verify changes in pressure pain threshold, in disability index and in craniocervical posture of female teachers with vocal and musculoskeletal complaints, and with normal larynx, after myofascial release - pompage. Methods: This study was a controlled and randomized clinical trial. The following procedures were performed: anamnesis, videolaryngoscopy, hearing screening, clinical and photogrammetric postural assessment using the SAPo® protocol, completion of the neck pain self-assessment protocol Neck Disability Index, and pain threshold in the cervical muscles using the Pain Pressure Threshold. Myofascial therapy with pompage had a total of 24 sessions of 40 min each, three times a week, in 28 teachers assigned to the study group (SG), and 28 to the control group (CG). Afterwards, the groups were reassessed. Results: The SG presented a significant improvement in the pain threshold of all the muscles evaluated, in the posture of most of the body segments evaluated, and in the cervical disability. In the CG there was a significant improvement in angle A2 after therapy. Conclusion: After myofascial release therapy with pompage, the subjects presented a reduction in cervical pain and in functional disability, an increase in pain threshold, and posture improvement.

Keywords: Larynx. Musculoskeletal manipulations. Posture. Teachers.


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