Microbiological monitoring of seawater and sand of beaches Matinhos, Caiobá e Guaratuba-PR, Brazil

Sumaia Andraus, Ida Chapaval Pimentel, Jair Alves Dionísio


This research aimed to verify the health conditions of seawater and beach sand in the beaches of Matinhos, Caiobá and Guaratuba in Paraná, summer 2004/2005. Total Coliforms (TC), Escherichia coli (EC) and Enterococci (ENT) parameters were evaluated. TC, EC, ENT densities were determined by the Multiple Tube Method and estimated by the most probable number (MPN) using, in that order, chromogenic substrate (X-GAL), fluorogenic substrate MUG, and chromogenic substrate (X-GLU). Only the beaches of Matinhos (sampling point MS5) and Guaratuba (sampling point GA6) have shown bathing water quality. Dry sand presented higher contamination than wet sand, 69.4% and 54.2% respectively. Among the indicators, Enterococci was the most restrictive where 51.4% of the water and 100% of the sand (wet and dry) samples were disqualifieda.


Coliforms; Enterococci; Escherichi

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7213/estud.biol.36.086.AO05


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