Pollution from non-oil sources in the river Nun downstream of Yenegoa Town, South-South Nigeria

Ifeanyichukwu Clinton Ezekwe, Ngozi Nma Odu, Ayibatonye Gasa


Levels of heavy metals (mercury, chromium, lead, cadmium and iron) in the water snail (Pilaovata) in the river nun downstream of Yenegoa Town, south-south Nigeria and other parameters (temperature, ph,turbidity, Total Dissolved Solids TDS, oil and grease) in the water column was investigated in an attempt to understand the impact of urbanization and poor waste management practices on downstream communities in non-oil impacted communities in the Niger delta of Nigeria. While mercury was very minute, iron and chromium where within standards for food in the snail, lead (26-27.4 mg/l), cadmium (12.11--12.16 mg/l) and arsenic (6.92-8.41mg/l) concentrations where above the standards for food sources. Turbidity in the water column was above recommended levels for drinking water, aesthetics and aquatic health. The study concludes that the area may also have lost its capacity to support good fish production, and the water source has become a dangerous source of food and water to inhabitants due to hydrocarbon and heavy metal concentrations. Government intervention and environmental education is recommended.


Heavy Metals; Ogbia River; Pila ovata; Pollution; Nigeria

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7213/estud.biol.36.086.AO02


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