Putting Catholic religious education on the map


  • Adrian-Mario Gellel Instituto de Pesquisa e Formação Educação e Religião




Religious education. Denominational education. Search on Pedagogy.


This article presents the work published by a publishing company called Catholic Religious Education in Schools (BUCHANAN & GELLEL, 2015). The volume brings together scholars from all six continents to reflect and discuss contextual, pedagogical and theoretical issues related to the teaching of the Catholic religion in a school context. In this sense, it is the first volume in the Catholic world to deal specifically with the theory and contextual issues of religious education as separate from Catechesis. While the former is understood that specifically occurs in formal education, the latter is understood that occur within the faith community environment. In an era of ecumenical and inter-religious and a society increasingly globalized and secularized, such a project may appear to be out of sync with reality. In addition to the work explains the construction of the project and its development proposed presentation of an international reality on the subject.


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Biografia do Autor

Adrian-Mario Gellel, Instituto de Pesquisa e Formação Educação e Religião

Livre Docente e Pós-Doutor em Ciência da Religião (PUCSP), Doutor e Mestre em Ciências da Educação (UPS), Especialista em Ensino Religioso (PUCSP), Licenciado em Pedagogia (UNIUBE) e Bacharel em Ciências Religiosas (IMACH). Líder do Grupo de Pesquisa Educação e Religião (GPER)


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