Pastoral theological reflections on caregiving and religious pluralism

Kathleen Greider


In this essay, I take up the topic of what is required of religious caregivers to “open up” to persons of different faiths.1 Religious pluralism is a crucial focus for reflection on caregiving because of the obvious increase in recent years of interreligious encounter in everyday life and in the practices of caregiving. I explore this topic, first, by making explicit some of the challenges inherent in interreligious caregiving. This is an important first step in light of the risks of romanticism and simplification with regard to openness and interreligious care. In the remainder of the essay, from my religious location within Christianity, I offer pastoral theological reflections on caregiving in light of religious pluralism by means of two methods commonly employed in the field: self-reflexivity and reflection on a specific relationship of care. 


Religious pluralism; Religious caregivers; Openness; Self-reflexivity; Care; Theology.

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