Evaluation of the influence of nutritional status, measures of frailty and level of physical activity on the quality of life of long-lived individuals

Maria Daniela Clementino, Rita Maria Monteiro Goulart


Introduction: Aging is a worldwide phenomenon that has favored an increase in people aged 80 years and older. Objective: To assess the influence of nutritional status (NS), measures of frailty, and physical activity level (PAL) on the quality of life (QoL) of long-lived people. Method: The study was carried out from Oct 2016 to Sept 2017 with 103 individuals aged 80 years or more. NS was classified according to the PAHO Health, Well-Being and Aging (SABE) survey; waist circumference (WC) and calf perimeter (CP) was based on the WHO classification; handgrip strength (HGS) and gait speed (GS) used the classification proposed by Lauretani; PAL was classified according to the IPAQ short form; the WHOQoL-bref and WHOQoL-old were applied to measure QOL. Variables were assessed using the Mann-Whitney U and t-tests. Results: 69.2% were women, with an average age of 82.75 (± 2.98) years, and only WC showed a significant association (p

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/1980-5918.032.ao58


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