Acute effect of elastic bandage technique on middle deltoid muscle force and activation in healthy men

Eurico Peixoto César, Gerson da Silva, Lorrayne Katherine Guilarducci


Introduction: Elastic bandages (EB), such as Kinesio taping, have been widely used in sports or daily life activities with the aim of preventing or reducing musculoskeletal injuries. It has been suggested that Kinesio Taping is capable of altering muscle activation through neurophysiological mechanisms, but the evidences about this are controversial.
Objective: To verify the acute effect of EB on maximum voluntary isometric force (MVIF) and muscle activation of the middle deltoid muscle during muscle contraction. Method: Twenty-four healthy male (24 ± 4 years, 73.2 ± 13.9kg, 1.80 ± 0.10m) were randomly assigned to a group with elastic bandage activated at 100% (AEB n = 8); with tensionless elastic bandage (NEB n = 8), and the control group (CG n = 9). The volunteers were instructed to perform 5s of maximal isometric contraction at 90° of shoulder abduction while the MIVF and EMGrms records were registered. Results: One-way ANOVA was unable to identify significant difference (α = 0.05) in MIVF and EMGrms of the middle deltoid at 90° of shoulder abduction. Conclusion: The application of elastic bandage was not able to alter the production of maximal isometric voluntary contraction and activation of the middle deltoid muscle of healthy individuals and, therefore, its use is not justified for these purposes.

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