Challenges in postural orientations for workers away from work with low back pain

Fernanda Santos Rocha, Maria do Carmo Baracho de Alencar


Introduction: Postural orientations are necessary in cases of low back pain, and challenges arise in chronic cases. Objective: To investigate the challenges in the postural orientation of workers in a situation of absence from work and with chronic low back pain. Methods: The study was divided into two steps. In the first stage, physiotherapists that were taking part in the "Low Back Pain Project" at the Reference Center for Worker's Health in Santos-SP were invited, and a script was used to conduct individual interviews that were recorded for thematic content analysis. In the second stage, there was a selection of workers that were patients attended by the Physical Therapy sector, with chronic low back pain and in a situation of absence from work, and a Discussion Group was conducted with the patients and physical therapists, which was also recorded for content analysis. Results: In stage 1, three physiotherapists aged 26 to 33 years old participated. The statements revealed: intense work demands, little understanding of the patients' difficulties, "stigmas" related to the situation of absence from work, among others. In stage 2, fourteen workers participated, aged between 47 and 50, of both sexes and different professions along with the three physiotherapists. The group evidenced: difficulties in daily living activities outside the therapeutic environment, disrespect to physical restrictions at work, fear of returning to work, among others. Conclusion: Challenges related to work organization aspects and psychosocial issues were found, and it is necessary to advance in the teaching-learning processes.

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