Analysis of cardiovascular risks in practitioners of unsupervised exercises

Renata Cristina Oliveira Penha, Danielle Silva Yamamoto, Isabel Aparecida Porcatti de Walsh, Gualberto Ruas, Marilita Falangola Accioly


Introduction: Physical exercise is recommended by health professionals for the prevention of cardiovascular events; for it is important that practitioners follow recommendations of qualified professionals. Objectives: To analyze the cardiovascular risks and the physical exercise of regulars of a municipal public park. Materials and methods: 110 regulars of a municipal public park were evaluated by questionnaire and physical examination, 60 men and 50 women with a mean age of 48.8 ± 11.76 years. Cardiovascular risk was classified according to the American Table and physical activity following the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association. Results: Regarding the classification of cardiovascular risk, 54% of the studied population presented potential risk and 31% moderate. As for physical exercise, 58% were considered inactive, 14% active and 28% were very active. 90% received no professional guidelines. Conclusion: The public park goers have cardiovascular risk and do exercise without individualized guidance.

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