Shiatsu-associated physical therapy on pain and fatigue on people with multiple sclerosis




Introduction: Pain and fatigue are common symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS). Shiatsu, a technique that uses the pressure of fingers, associated with manual therapy, exercises and stretching can be used to control these symptoms. Objective: To evaluate the effect of Shiatsu associated with physical therapy on pain and fatigue on people with MS. Methods: Randomized clinical trial with people diagnosed with MS divided into two groups: intervention group (IG) - Shiatsu-associated physical therapy (n = 9), and control group (n = 8). Participants were assessed before and after treatment by the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS), Neuropathic Pain Questionnaire (DN4), Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and Fatigue Impact Scale (MFIS), and description of sociodemographic. Results: Seventeen people with MS (9 men) aged 45.18 ± 3.06  years participated in this study. In the total sample, the average of DN4 was 1.65 ± 20.02, VAS was 2.29 ± 2.80, MFIS was 39.47 ± 29.67, and 52.9 % had a score > 38 in the MFIS that corresponds to presence of fatigue. The values pre/post-intervention/grade of p, respectively in the treatment group was DN4: 2.78 ± 2.16/2.0 ± 2.12/0.432, EVA: 3.22 ± 3.27/0.33 ± 1.00/0.023, total MFIS: 44.44 ± 35.91/35 ± 31.70/0.068. In the control group was DN4 0.38 ± 0.744/2.25 ± 2.71/0.054, EVA 1.25 ± 1.83/3.63 ± 2.38/0.043 and MFIS 33.88 ± 21.68/25.13 ± 24.22/0.379. Conclusion: Shiatsu associated with Physiotherapy was effective in improving pain and fatigue in individuals with MS.

 Keywords: Fatigue. Multiple Sclerosis. Pain. Physical Therapy. Shiatsu.


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