Symptomatic profile of infected individuals with HIV/AIDS in a physiotherapy department

Tamaiara Barbosa do Amorim, Elis Passos Santana, Kionna Oliveira Bernardes Santos


Introduction: Changes in the profile of infected individuals with HIV and the chronicity of this condition become necessary a better understanding about the clinical changes caused by the disease. Objective: This study characterizes the physical symptoms of infected individuals with HIV in a physiotherapy department of a specialized HIV treatment center. Methods: A descriptive study with quantitative analysis was performed. All registered users in the physiotherapy department (138 individuals) from 2009 to 2013 were included. Data analysis considered absolute and relative frequencies of the variables of interest. Results: Most patients were female (55%) and the mean age was 35.0 years (± 16.8). Most users were usingantiretroviral therapy and had 4 to 10 years (51.8%) of the HIV diagnosis. Many patients have comorbidities and the most prevalent was cerebral toxoplasmosis. The most common physical complaints were hemiparesis, pain, alteration in muscle tone and lipodystrophy. Conclusion: According the symptomatic profile found, expanding the role of physiotherapists for infected individuals with HIV is necessary, since the physiotherapy has a wide range of preventive and therapeutic interventions that can increase functionality, independence level and social participation.

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